Enchanted Frenchies | New Jersey French Bulldog Breeders


In 2016, Sissy Starr brought home her first French bulldog. Despite that Sissy had a fondness for the beagles she grew up with, she was instantly won over by her new Frenchie’s warmth, compassion and desire to be always snuggled.

The original plan was to own (BEAST) and be happy. But Sissy discovered that other families were looking for French bulldogs too, and she wanted to make it possible for working class families to afford them. Soon she acquired her first female, (SOPHIA), and began the breeding process to offer French bulldogs to loving families.

Enchanted Frenchies was soon formed, and we’re now taking care of several of our beautiful, colorful Frenchies, and helping them into good homes. We invite you to have a look at some of the lovely Frenchies we have available here.

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